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Take your time when building your Player Profile. Some of the information is easy to fill is (Name, age, etc.), but other areas of your Profile may require a bit more thought (e.g. Awards, Profile Description, etc.). We have created this guide to help you get the most from your Player Profile and be successful in all of your sports related endeavours!

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  1. Login to your account

  2. From your Account Homepage, click on the "Post Profile" button on the menu or on the right side of the screen.

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  3. Select the sport you would like to post your Profile to.

    Choose Section
  4. Post Profile Form

    In this example, we have chosen the Football Section. Start by filling in all of the required areas designated with a red *

Enter your Profile Details

  1. You should not need to change anything in this area unless your contact info has changed.

Enter Contact Information

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  • Add Multimedia
  1. There are many options under Additional Posting Options. Some are free and some require a fee. Pricing may vary according to your group. We strongly suggest you take a look through these options and at the very least, take a look at the Add Multumedia Tab. Photos, video files and audio file are often free!

Additional Posting Options

  1. Just a few more entries and you're done!

Submitting Your Profile

  1. Click on the "Preview Your Profile" button, review your entries and Approve it for publishing, or go back to continue editing.

That's It, You're finished!

You can go back at any time to update your Profile from your Account page. Just click on "View My Profile" and then, from the left side Menu, click on "Renew/Modify your Profile" or "Manage Multimedia"


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